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Is it a new trend to put a bottle in Salman Khan's pocket?

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  • 06 September, 2022 10:16:00

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Entertainment Desk: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently participated in an event. Paparazzi flocked to take pictures when they saw him get out of the luxury car. Meanwhile, Salman put a glass bottle in his jeans pocket in a very simple manner. Let no one see. He even tries to hide it with his hands. But all efforts are in vain. It can be seen in various videos spread on the net, Salman's bottle had a transparent liquid like water.

Indian media Hindustan Times reported that Salman went to producer Murad Khetani's party on Saturday. The actor put a glass bottle in his pocket while getting out of the car. When the video spread on social media, the question arose in the minds of the fans - what is actually in the bottle, water or something else?

Many are also joking about the way he keeps his bottle in his jeans pocket. Others say that Salman started the trend of wearing sunglasses behind his shirt a decade ago with Dabangg. What is the trend of keeping a bottle in the pocket?

The Bollywood superstar will soon be seen in the film 'Kisi Ki Bhai...Kisi Ki Jaan'. A few days ago, the name of this film was 'Kavi Eid Kavi Diwali'. Salman changed the name of the film according to rumors and astrology. This name will bring success at the box office.

The drought of Bollywood does not want to end. Salman's last two films didn't do well at the box office either. In such a situation, the actor is entering the arena by blocking the road.

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