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Today is the birthday of Rituparna Ghosh, the brilliant star of the film

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  • 31 August, 2022 19:41:46

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News desk: Rituparn Ghosh, a brilliant star of the film industry, is celebrating his 58th birthday today. He was born on 31 August 1963 in Kolkata. Both his parents were associated with the film industry. Father Sunil Ghosh was a documentary filmmaker and painter. Rituparna Ghosh was a student of South Point High School. Degree in Economics from Jadavpur University. In a career of two decades, he has given one after another famous and popular movies. Although Rituparna Ghosh's career started with advertising work. In 1992, he quietly entered the Bengali cinema world with the film adaptation of Thirshendu Mukhopadhyay's novel 'Hirer Angi'. In 1994, he came to the attention of critics after the release of the second film, Nineteenth April. 'Nineshe April' was a great commercial success as well as being appreciated by the audience. The stories of middle class life and aspirations have come up again and again in Rituparn's films. His later films focus on aspects of life, relationships and sexuality. But relationships have always been Ritu's favorite as a movie subject. Nineteenth April, Dahan, Asukh, Bariwali, Utsav, Sabh Kharika Kalpanik, Abhaman, Chitrangada won the Indian National Film Award 12 times in various categories. In 2004, Rituparn's first Hindi film Renkot was released. This picture is also. Based on Henry's short story 'The Gift of the Mazai' (1906). In addition, he received numerous awards and honors at home and abroad. This bright star died prematurely in 2013.

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