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Shame on that forest officer

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  • 30 August, 2022 21:08:28

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News desk: The official who has filed a case against the director of Hawa movie, has been given a show cause notice by the Ministry of Forest and Environment, said Information Minister Dr. Hasan Mahmud. He said this to reporters after a meeting with filmmakers, directors, artists and participants at the official residence on Minto Road in the capital on Monday (August 29) afternoon. Information Minister said, "I was abroad. Talk to the concerned officials as soon as you know. Action has been taken to withdraw that case. The officer who filed the case has been issued a show cause notice by the Ministry of Forests and Environment.” Hasan Mahmood also said, “A few movies in recent times have brought audiences back to the theatres. One of those movies is 'Hawa'. A case has been filed against its director. If there is a violation of the law then the director could have been notified. I think it is not appropriate to go directly to the court and file a case.” On the other hand, the information minister said about the movie 'Saturday Afternoon', "This movie is based on the attack on Holy Artisan in Dhaka. Two police officers died there and our police, RAB, army fought the militants very bravely. According to the Censor Board, those issues did not come in the movie. For that reason these scenes are asked to be added. They told me they did something but not enough. They appealed." Hasan Mahmood said, “The appellate authority will inform the director and producer of the movie what additions are required. If they are added, I think the problem of releasing this movie will be solved."

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