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Sushmita Sen with ex-boyfriend amid rumors of new love

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  • 30 August, 2022 10:02:47

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Entertainment Desk: Rumors of Sushmita Sen's love affair with Lalit Modi have been going on for several days. In the meantime, this actress has also been seen with her ex-boyfriend. His daughter was also with them. This former Miss World was caught on paparazzi's camera

Three people were seen in Santacruz, Mumbai. Sushmita was smiling next to ex-boyfriend Rohman and daughter Ren. Naturally, a video of this went viral on social media. After that, the comments of the fans started. A fan commented on the video, "What is Sushmita going to do?" Another person writes, I am surprised, then what will happen to Lalit Modi? However, on Sunday (August 28), the three of them went out together to shop for their daughter's birthday, according to Indian media sources.

Although Sushmita did not get much popularity for her acting, her personality and lifestyle have been discussed time and again. His fans are numerous. Despite being involved in several relationships, this actress did not get married.

In 2018, Sushmita fell in love with Rohman, who is about 15 years younger than her. He never hid his relationship. Sushmita and Rohman's Instagram profiles still have pictures and videos of their beautiful moments. In January, Sushmita attended her sister's wedding in Konnagar with Rohman again. Even the last picture on Rohman's Instagram profile was taken by Sushmita. The picture was uploaded on January 14 this year. The actress also announced the separation on social media. Then last July, rumors of her relationship with Lalit Modi spread.

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