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In 25 days, the remittance came to 16 and a half thousand crores

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  • 29 August, 2022 00:45:57

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News desk: Remittances have returned to a positive trend amid the dollar crisis. Mainly due to various benefits, legitimate channels are responding to expatriate income. In the first 25 days of this month (August), remittances of 172 crore 93 lakhs or 1.73 billion dollars have arrived in the country. Its amount in Bangladeshi currency (as 95 taka per dollar) is about 16 thousand 429 crore taka.

If this trend continues, remittances of 214 million dollars are likely to come in the entire month of August. This information has emerged in the report of Bangladesh Bank.

In 25 days, out of 172 crore 93 lakh dollars, 31 crore 5 million dollars came through five state-owned banks. Two million 10 million dollars came through the specialized Bangladesh Agricultural Bank. And remittances of 138 million 69 million dollars came through private banks.

As always, most remittances came through Islami Bank during the period under discussion. Remittances of 35 million 62 million dollars have come through this private sector bank. Next is the state-owned Agrani Bank. 11 million dollars came through this bank.

Besides, 11 million dollars came through City Bank, 9 million 54 million dollars through Dutch-Bangla Bank, 9 million 35 million dollars came through Rupali Bank.

However, no remittance came through BDBL, Rajshahi Agricultural Development Bank, Foreign Bank Al-Falah, Habib Bank and National Bank of Pakistan, State Bank of India.

In addition, in the previous month of July, remittances of 209.69 million dollars or about 20 thousand crore rupees came to the country. 183 million 72 million dollars came in June of this year, remittances of 188 million 53 million dollars came in May.

Meanwhile, in the financial year 2021-2022, expatriates sent 2 thousand 103 million dollars to the country. That's $3.75 billion less year-over-year than its previous fiscal year. In the previous financial year (2020-2021) came 2 thousand 478 million dollars.

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