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Jaya in beauty circus

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  • 27 August, 2022 21:36:24

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Entertainment Desk: Good times are going on in Bengali cinema. Bengali movies are being released one after another. Which is responding to the mind of the audience. In this continuation, the new movie of Upper Bangla and Upper Bengal popular actress Jaya Ahsan is being released. Much awaited Jaya Ahsan's movie 'Beauty Circus'. It is said that this government-funded movie is going to release on September 23. Before this, when is the beauty circus coming? A question to the conscience of the nation! The director of the movie, Mahmud Didar, said, "The movie is made with the story of a woman's exciting struggle around the circus industry, which is an integral part of the current culture of Bangladesh. After going through many ups and downs, the beauty circus has finally come to the liberation march.” The director also said, “We initially thought of releasing the movie 'Beauty Circus' in the fourth week of September. That's how I'm making all the preparations." The shooting of Beauty Circus started from February 6, 2017. With the participation of about 2000 villagers with 200 crew members, the filmmaker did the filming. For this, the builder built a huge circus pandal and organized village fairs. Actors Ferdous Ahmed, Taukir Ahmed and ABM Sumon will be seen opposite Jaya Ahsan in the film. It also stars Shatabdi Wadud, Gazi Rakayet Manisa Archi and others. Jaya Ahsan's latest Dhallywood movie 'Alatchakra' was released on March 19 last year. After that two movies named 'Binisutoy' directed by Atanu Ghosh and 'Jhara Palak' directed by Sayantan Mukherjee were released in Tollywood. Jaya will appear again in the cinema hall of Bangladesh after about a year and a half.

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