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Jaya questions about making films

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  • 25 August, 2022 23:44:40

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Entertainment Desk: There has been tension in the film world for quite some time. Especially the case against Hawa Cinema under Wildlife Protection and Protection Act. Legal notice seeking closure of Hawa cinema exhibition. Apart from this, the showbiz is quite agitated about the non-availability of censors for the movie directed by Mustafa Sarayar Faruqi. Jaya Ahsan joined the protest. Producers, artists and crews organized a press conference titled 'Sword of Censorship in Bengali Films or Content: We Want Freedom to Tell Stories'. A press conference was organized at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Thursday (August 25) at 11 am. Throwing a question at the press conference, Jaya, famous actress of 'Rajkahini', said, "Can any art really follow any conditions? Can any film be made conditional? So why the movie? I myself have a genuine passion for nature. From that place I will speak more about life-nature. So what to stop the movie? Deforestation is happening, animals are being treated inhumanely, where is the forest department or the administration? Why this pressure of the administration in the film? If all the characters follow the rules, then no fiction will be created. Do we then make films? Shall we not tell the story?”

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