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'Din The Day' Production Cost 4 Crores: Contract Documents Leaked

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  • 23 August, 2022 23:26:07

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Bangladesh-Iran joint production movie 'Din The Day' was released on Eid. Anant Jalil-Varsha is seen in the lead role in this movie. The movie was in discussion even before its release. After the release, that discussion came out. However, discussions are associated with controversy. Anant-Varsha's blasphemy comments, after inviting more than half a hundred film crews, the movie started with controversy, starting from not coming to that invitation. But this time the controversy has started centering on the bitterness between Anant Jalil and 'Din The Day' director Mortaza Atashzamzam. Recently, he said that he will file a case against Anant Jalil in the courts of Iran and Bangladesh, accusing him of breach of contract. Now he has published the contract signed with Anant in the movie 'Din The Day' on his Instagram ID. It is seen that the budget of the movie is only 5 lakh dollars. Producer Mortaza Atashzam said, “The deal was completed in 2018. At that time the value of the dollar was 82 rupees. Accordingly, the original budget of the movie "Din The Day" is a little more than four crore rupees. However, Anant Jalil has said in all kinds of campaigns that the budget of his film is 120 crores. Mortaza said, "According to the contract, it was said that Anant Jalil would invest the entire amount. As an investor, he will take 85 percent of the film's profits and as a producer, he will get 15 percent. How can the film budget be ten million dollars when Anant did not pay the full five million dollars to our Iranian team? Unfortunately, in the early days of shooting, I realized that this was the biggest mistake of my life. But due to the contract there was no way for me to come back. I didn't want my promise to be broken.'' The director also said, “Our differences started from constant script changes. The story changes from the issue of IS militancy to the issue of drugs and mafia. There was a conflict between us when the shooting locations were changed from Syria and Lebanon to Afghanistan and Turkey. As 85 percent of the film is Bangladeshi and he used to interfere in the script and acting of the film everyday on the pretext that he knew the cinema and people of Bangladesh better than me. The producer said, "Anant was often late in the shooting due to work pressure and business busyness in the factory." Apart from me, Anant shot in Turkey. There is a scene in which women are shot dancing indecently, which is a clear violation of the agreement.''

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