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On the way back from the wedding ceremony, the dead were 4 members of a family

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  • 16 August, 2022 22:11:20

Photo: CNI

Md. Imran Mahmud, Jamalpur: 4 members of a family of Jamalpur were found dead on their way back from a wedding ceremony. The deceased are - bride's mother Fahima Begum, bride's aunt Jharna Begum and cousin Zakaria (3), sister Jannat (6). In the tragic death of 4 members of the same family, mourning is going on in the village house of the deceased. The relatives of the deceased said that Jharna Begum, her husband Zahid Akand and their children Zakaria (3) and Jannat (6) went to Ashulia from Ag Payla village of Melandah in Jamalpur last Thursday to attend the wedding ceremony of niece Riya Moni. After the wedding on Saturday, easy bike mechanic Zahid returned home leaving his wife and children. 5 people were killed in a Garda accident in Uttara of the capital Dhaka on their way to Ashulia after the wedding on Monday afternoon. Among them, Jharna Begum and her children Zakaria and Jannat's village house is in Ag Payla village of Melandah Upazila of Jamalpur and Jharna Begum's elder sister Fahima's house is in Laudatta village of Islampur Upazila. The newlywed couple Hriday Hasan and Rhea Moni, who luckily survived the accident, are undergoing treatment in a hospital in Dhaka with serious injuries. Residents including the relatives of the victims were shocked by such a sudden death. Zahid Akand is fainting again and again after losing his wife and children. Zahid Akand, the husband of deceased Jharna Begum, said that he went to Ashulia in Dhaka with his wife and children last Thursday to attend the wedding ceremony of his niece Riya Moni. After completing the marriage in Ashulia on Saturday, he left his wife and children and returned home. Later, everyone went to Uttara to attend the wedding ceremony last Monday. After the ceremony, the newlywed couple (Hridoy and Reamni), bride's mother Fahima, bride's aunt Jharna and cousin Zakaria (3), sister Jannat (6), groom's father Rubel Mia (driver) were returning to Ashulia in a private car. At that time, the private car was crushed by the crane of the Uttara BRT project after the girder. Fortunately the new couple survived but the other 5 died on the spot. Mourning is going on at the house of Jharna Begum who died in Agpayla village of Melandah and the house of Fahima village in Islampur upazila's Laudatta village on Tuesday. Relatives said that the bodies of Jharna Begum and her two children will be buried in the family graveyard of Agpayla village in Melandah upazila and Fahima's body will be buried in Laudatta village of Islampur upazila. Abbas Mia, the relative of the deceased Jharna Begum, said that these fresh lives were lost prematurely due to their negligence in the work of a big government project. We want investigation and exemplary punishment of the guilty.

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