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Effect of Ukraine Russia war on oil price increase

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  • 14 August, 2022 19:11:52

Photo: CNI

Nazrul Islam Raju Rangpur: The price of oil has decreased in the world market, but the increase in dollar price in our country has affected it, but a decision will be taken soon after sitting with the Tariff Commission, said the Minister of Commerce. The Commerce Minister said these things in response to a question from journalists at his residence on Central Road in Rangpur on Sunday morning. No. People of Bangladesh are in heaven compared to other countries in global recession. The minister also said that the people are suffering, the prices of daily commodities are increasing, the prices have increased all over the world, the prices have increased in various ways including the war in Ukraine and Russia, and the effect has reached this country as well, but the government is trying to reduce the suffering of the people. Pointing out that heaven cannot be found while alive, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said, if the price of goods increases, people will suffer. But the people of the country are in heaven, I don't know. Regarding the ongoing agitation programs of various political parties, including the BNP-national party, the commerce minister said that the government will not prevent the movement if the global crisis is capitalized on. But if something violent is done in the name of the movement by causing suffering to the people, the law and order forces of the country will fulfill the responsibility assigned to them. He also said that Jatiya Party was in power, BNPO was also. For this reason, their behavior should also be democratic. Then the democratic practice will continue in the country. Otherwise the continuity of development and democracy will be disrupted. Tipu Munshi said that it is not true that Bangladesh is becoming Sri Lanka. Maybe some political party is saying this for the sake of politics. Our economic condition is better than many neighboring countries. He said that despite the decrease in the price of edible oil in the world market, the price of the dollar has increased in the country. As a result, the price of daily necessities in the country is increasing depending on imports. The Tariff Commission is working to fix prices in line with the world market. Apart from this, due to the decrease in the prices in the global market, the prices of the products have started to be affected in the country's market as well. The commerce minister also said that if dollars have been smuggled out of the country, action should be taken against them. We cannot say that because of our dollar crisis the value of the dollar has increased all over the world. Our neighboring countries India, Pakistan have also seen an increase in dollar price. Leaders and workers of Rangpur metropolis, district Awami League and organ organizations were present at this time. Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi landed at Syedpur Airport in Nilphamari from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the morning. From there he came to Rangpur by convoy. He will attend a function in Rangpur city in the afternoon and in his parliamentary constituency Kaunia in the afternoon. Awamili and Jubo League leaders of Rangpur district-metropolis were also present. He came on a three-day visit and discussed and exchanged views with the party leaders and activists.

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