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Protest march and rally of Islamic Regime Movement Bangladesh in Faridpur

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  • 10 August, 2022 03:14:15

Photo: CNI

Ehsan Rana, Faridpur: As part of the nationwide program in Faridpur, a protest march and protest rally was held in front of the Faridpur Press Club on Tuesday afternoon to protest against the abnormal pricing of fuel oil, agricultural products, and other commodities by the initiative of the district branch of Islamic Governance Movement Bangladesh. President of the organization, Mufti Mustafa Kamal, the speakers in the event severely criticized the current government for the abnormal increase in fuel oil, agricultural products and commodity prices, saying that various leaders and activists of the government are corrupt. He has built a mountain of illegal money but the government is not aware of it. Rather, they have made their lives miserable by increasing the prices of commodities one after the other on the common people. They demanded the government to immediately reduce the price of goods. Otherwise, the situation of the country will be dire if the situation continues and the government will be responsible for it, the protest rally informed. They also said that in the developed world, where the prices of goods are within the purchasing power of people, people's lives have become miserable due to the short-sightedness of this government. Abdur Rahim, secretary of the organization, conducted the meeting. It should be noted that earlier the protest march came from Janata Bank junction to Faridpur Press Club. At the end of the event, prayers were held for the well-being of the country and the people.

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