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Fazlur Rahman Babu in two new movies

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  • 09 August, 2022 11:58:06

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Entertainment Desk: Fazlur Rahman Babu is an equally popular actor in both cinema and drama. He is currently working on two movies. One of them is OTT platform, another is government grant. Anirudh Russell's 'Jamdani' with 'Two Days Dunya' and Govt Grant for Anam Biswas for OTT platform. Babu is playing an important role in both the movies.

In this context, Fazlur Rahman Babu said, "I am constantly getting wet by the love of the audience by acting in movies and plays." But yes, it is true that I have to work hard to reach this position today. The audience's confidence in my work has grown. So, now when I go to work in a movie, it is very important that I really like the story and the character. Along with that, the issue of director and co-artist is also important.

He further added, 'The things I observe in the new two movies are similar to my mind. I hope something good will happen.

It is to be noted that Fazlur Rahman Babu has received National Film Award for his performance in the movies 'Shankhnad', 'Meyeti Akan Kyaar Jaya', 'Gaheen Baluchar', 'Fagun Hawaay' and 'Vishwasundari'.

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