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2 children on ultrasonography; 1 in Caesar

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  • 08 August, 2022 22:14:19

Photo: CNI

Ashulia (Dhaka) Correspondent: Allegations have been made against Mollah General Hospital and Diagnostic Complex in Ashulia that out of 6 ultrasonography test reports, 2 babies were born but one baby was delivered by caesarean operation. The victim's family demanded that the wrong report should be dealt with properly through a fair investigation. Md Mamun Munshi, the victim's husband, made this complaint to the journalists against the hospital, which had rented a flat in Renisa Villa in South Ghazirchat Sher-Ali Market area of ​​Ashulia on Sunday. It was found that Molla General Hospital and Diagnostic Complex was illegally renting a house flat. In terms of management, there are no required certifications. There are not enough doctors and health workers. The work of the nurse continues with Daima and Aya. It also lacks all the necessary testing equipment for servicing. There is a fridge in the room. Reagents that are supposed to be refrigerated. The fridge contains fish, meat, sugar, breadcrumbs and spices and other items. The victim's husband Mamun Munshi said, I have been treating my wife in this hospital since the beginning. As advised by the doctor (Fatema Binte Hasib, Gynae & Obs), I have also done 6 tests consistently and since I have 2 babies in the womb, I have taken medicines consistently as per the doctor's advice to keep the mother and baby healthy. As there will be 2 babies, mother and baby are at risk, so I brought her for cesarean. Otherwise I would have tried to do normal delivery. Shortly after the caesarean, I was told that my wife had a baby. So where did another child go? Now they are saying that there is a mistake in their report. Even shortly before the caesarean, the owner of the hospital, Elias Molla, showed me the heartbeats of the 2 babies on the computer. Have you tested elsewhere? In response to the question, Mamun said, apart from Molla General Hospital, I have also done it in other diagnostic centers and they also told about 2 children. When I ran to the cabin to see the baby, just as the baby was crying, someone was taking the baby away. Due to which I could not see the child anymore. When the police came they took me to another house and showed me a 4 day old baby that was not my baby. Md Elias Molla, the owner of Molla General Hospital and Diagnostic Center, said that in all the reports, 2 babies are shown. But after being taken to OT when a girl child was delivered by caesarean section. Only then can we understand that our reports are wrong. He is running this hospital for one and a half years The legality of the institution and the state and whether the service recipient is cheating? In response to such a question, he said, I have not applied yet. Since we made a mistake today, I will apply very soon. I am not cheating the patients but it was my fault that I did not pay the VAT tax to the government for one and a half years. Meanwhile, the accused doctor Fatima bint Haseeb presented various reasons behind not having 2 children to hide her guilt and claimed that the report given by her was wrong. So why prescribe medicine in case of 2 children and will it affect the patient or not? Dr. answered the question. Fatima bint Hasib could not provide a proper explanation. Savar Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Doctor Sayemul Huda said, I got to know about the matter through local journalists. The incident is very sad! A committee consisting of 3 members has been formed in this regard. Necessary action will be taken against those institutions based on their report within next three days. Incident investigation officer Ashulia Police Station Sub-Inspector (SI) Sohel Rana visited the spot after receiving the 999 call, but said that further action could not be taken as there was no complaint from the plaintiff.

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