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Threat to the journalist, GD against the President-Editor of Jabi Chhatra League

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  • 04 August, 2022 19:38:44

Photo: CNI

Jagannath University Press Club: Three journalists have filed a general complaint against the suspended committee president and general secretary of the branch Chhatra League at Kotyali Police Station for threatening media workers working in Jagannath University (JABI). On Thursday (August 4) afternoon, three journalists went to Kotayali police station and filed a general complaint and Arman Hasan, general secretary of the organization, filed a complaint on behalf of journalists of Jagannath University Press Club. Journalists who have been diary are Assaif Subarna, university representative of Bangla Tribune, Mehdi Hassan, university representative of RisingBD, Anupam Mallik Aditya, university representative of Bangladesh Journal. According to the general diary, when the journalists performed their professional duties, on the instructions of Ibrahim Faraji, president of the suspension committee of the university branch Chhatra League, and general secretary Akhtar Hossain, their staff publicly threatened them on social media, made ugly comments and threatened to watch. Abdul Barek, a student of the 11th batch of Political Science Department, Ibrahim Faraji's staff, and Minun Mahfuz, a staff member of the General Secretary, of the same batch of Statistics Department, played a direct role in these works. The general secretary of the organization filed a GD seeking the safety of the journalists. Victim journalist Asaif Subarna said, 'I am a media worker. Due to their professional responsibilities, the suspended committee president of JOB branch Chhatra League, with the help of the general secretary, their workers gave ugly comments and threats on social media. Which made me socially inferior. The victim journalist Mehdi Hasan said, I was threatened because I was performing my duty with devotion. Threatened to see me in the future. Which has become a hindrance in fulfilling my professional duties. Aggrieved journalist Anupam Mallik Aditya, President and General Secretary's staff have threatened to look at me if the suspension order of Jobi Chhatra League Committee is withdrawn. Branch Chhatra League Committee President Md. Ibrahim Faraji said, 'Yesterday's news was true. Still I don't know why they threatened. But since the incident is an intra-campus matter, it is better if it is resolved by the administration.' The general secretary of the suspended committee, SM Akhtar Hossain, was repeatedly called to inquire about the matter, but he was not available. Mizanur Rahman, officer-in-charge of Kotyali police station, said, 'I have asked to submit the GD. We are looking into the matter.' Accused Minun Mahfuz had behaved discourteously with journalists earlier too. After which the proctor office of the university resolved the issue by asking for bond and apology.

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