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Rakhi wants to be Salman Khan's bodyguard!

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  • 03 August, 2022 22:32:07

Photo: CNI

Entertainment Desk: Recently, Bollywood Superstar Salman Khan received death threats. The rapist Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang have threatened to kill Salman in a letter. In that letter, it is said that Salman will be killed in the same way as Punjabi singer Sidhu Mussewala was killed. The whole industry is shocked by this news. The hearts of millions of devotees have become agitated with doubts, thoughts and worries. Not only Bollywood, Salman himself is in doubt. And so for security reasons, Bollywood's "Bhaijan" applied to the administration for permission to keep a gun. The administration has also approved his application. Salman's fan-actress Rakhi Sawant is worried about death threats. In a response, he said, “Salman sir, don't get tensed. Day and night I pray for you. The blessings of the people of India are with you. Nothing will happen to you.” Rakhi is also ready to be Salman's bodyguard if needed. Rakhi commented, “I am also ready to be Salman's bodyguard if needed. Salman will be in front, I will be shot. Not even a bullet can touch Sallu Bhai.”

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