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Bajimat in export earnings

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  • 02 August, 2022 23:51:43

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News desk: The Russia-Ukraine war started before the end of the corona epidemic. Since the beginning of the war, there have been various restrictions. It causes various crises in many countries of the world. Bangladesh was not out of it. Reserve deficit started in the country especially due to increased expenditure on imports. As a result, the price of the US dollar against the rupee gradually increased. Among these, the government of Bangladesh started various activities to keep the economic condition of the country in order. In continuation of this, expatriate income (remittance) benefits are available. After that there was a big jump in export earnings. In July, the first month of this financial year, exports of various products brought about 4 billion dollars to the country. As a result, Bangladesh started the new financial year 2022-23 by playing on remittances and exports. It can be seen that this export income in the beginning month of the new financial year is 14.72 percent higher than the same month last year. And 1.65 percent more than the target. The data was released on Tuesday (August 2) by the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). It can be seen that, in the entire month of 2022-23 financial year which started from last July 1, Bangladesh has exported goods worth about 4 billion (398 million 48 lakh 20 thousand) dollars. According to the data, in the first month of the last fiscal year 2021-22, July, the export income was 347 crore 34 lakh (3.47 billion) dollars. The target was $392 million (3.92 billion). According to this, the growth has been 14.72 percent. And 1.65 percent more than the target. In the beginning month of the current financial year (July), 336 crore 69 lakh (3.36) dollars or 84.50 percent of the total export income came from the garment sector. The growth was 16.61 percent. In the last fiscal year 2021-22, exports of goods earned 52.08 billion dollars. Its revenue was 34.38 percent higher than the previous financial year (2020-21). An export revenue target of $58 billion has been set for the fiscal year 2022-23. Meanwhile, remittances also increased by more than 12 percent in July. Expatriates remitted $2.10 billion (210 crore) to the country this month, the highest in 14 months.

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