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Bollywood model Nargis Fakhri in Anika's song

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  • 28 July, 2022 10:02:21

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Entertainment Desk: Tasnim Anika is a talented singer of the young generation. He expressed his individuality in original songs like 'Khola Akash', 'Ichchera', 'Pari Na', 'Abhiman', 'Paglami', 'Barbed Wire', 'Locochuri Prem' etc. His performance in the stage show is also impeccable.

Now Anika is bringing a new song titled 'Palabi Keer'. Bollywood actress Nargis Fakhri is again appearing as a model in Bangladesh songs through the song. The first look teaser of the song was released on Tuesday (July 26).

The song is composed by Tapas and Apiras with lyrics and tunes by Tapas. The song is produced by Bollywood producer Adil Shaikh, produced and styled by Farzana Munni. Filmed in Mumbai.

Anika is very excited about the song-video. He said, "This song is the biggest production in my music career. Grateful to Tapas Bhai and Bhabhi for finding the real me from within. gave such a song. I hope that everyone will like it.

The music video of 'Palabi Keer' is going to be released very soon on TM Records' YouTube channel and social media.

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