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Dowry money is the right of every girl: Subah

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  • 28 July, 2022 10:01:51

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Entertainment Desk: The popular model-actress Subah Shah Humaira and musician Ilyas Hossain got married on December 1 last year. As soon as a month passed, various problems started in their family. They also accused each other of beating each other. After that, Subah filed a case against Ilyas under the Prevention of Torture against Women and Children Act. In that case, he compromised with Ilyas in exchange of 10 lakh rupees.

And various discussions and criticisms are going on in the social media about this issue. Many people have made various comments about Subah for withdrawing the case for 10 lakhs. Subah opened up about the matter.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Subah wrote, 'For 5/6 months Elias' family was asking me to settle with my family, so I have settled with them now and have withdrawn the case and he has done the same. And what has happened is for the good of both lives. And on the advice and request of two families and dignitaries. '

This heroine complained and said, "Now I am being humiliated socially by trying to become a saint by giving dowry money and some compensation." Why do so much drama with dowry money? If you can't pay, then at the time of settlement, we will say that we can't pay. But then his family did not say these words! These things are being said and done socially just to belittle me. However, it is clearly written in the settlement agreement, I will not say any socially derogatory words against anyone and I will take each other's case on my own responsibility.

Regarding the dowry money, he commented, 'After marriage legally maintenance of dowry, dowry money is the right of every girl and it must be halal according to Islamic Shariah because I married her for love. I wanted to make a family till the end. I did not leave him like him just to save the family. And I didn't tell anyone like them to come settle with me and rescue me with money!'

"I don't want to do any more mudslinging. I settled by looking at the honor of both families. I have had and will always have respect and confidence in the law. And what God has done is for good.

Finally, he wrote to the journalists, 'I want to say this much to the journalist brothers and sisters, we have settled the problems that arose in our life after marriage, family and legally. So don't mislead people with one sided fabricated viral headlines and news about our personal issues. Be well yourselves, let me be well too.'

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