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Primary teacher transfer starts from August

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  • 28 July, 2022 10:00:29

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News desk: Assistant teacher transfer program in government primary schools across the country will be done on online platform. The government has announced to start this program in full swing from next August. However, teachers will not be transferred in 11 metropolitan areas of the country including Dhaka. A separate policy will be made for this.

On Wednesday (July 27), the State Minister for Primary and Mass Education said at the completion of the piloting of the software teacher transfer program in the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education. Zakir Hossain gave this information.

The state minister said that teacher transfer piloting was started in 18 government primary schools in Kaliakair upazila of Gazipur. There 26 teachers applied for transfer. Three applications are automatically rejected due to ineligibility. Remaining 23 applications are submitted.

He said, the teacher has to enter the software with his own code and password. You have to mention your information and rationale for transfer. A teacher can choose three schools. Marks are fixed in various categories including husband's workplace, seniority. On the basis of this scoring, the eligible candidates will be selected for transfer. One person cannot apply for another.

Zakir Hossain said, the transfer process will start from next month (August) across the country. Teachers will be transferred within the upazila. However, teacher transfer program will be stopped in 11 cities of the country for now. A new platform will be constructed for the transfer in the metropolis.

In response to a question from the journalists, the senior secretary of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education said. Aminul Islam said that there is no scope for any kind of irregularities in the transfer of teachers in the digital system. After the teacher has applied, the head teacher will send it to the upazila and then to the district primary education officer. Officials can only give consent. You will get three working days for this. If consent is not given then it will be automatically passed. However, if no consent is given, a show-cause notice will be issued to the concerned officer.

In another question, he said, if the head teacher unnecessarily cancels the transfer application of an assistant teacher due to conflict, a complaint can be made to the upazila, district or primary education department. Action will be taken soon.

At the end of the program, the state minister announced the end of the piloting program by transferring a teacher from Gazipur.

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