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Bashemurbiprobi cafeteria is closed for a long time: the arena of drug addicts!

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  • 26 July, 2022 16:38:41

Photo: CNI

Mejba Rahman, Bashemurbiprobi representative: The area adjacent to the closed cafeteria building of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman University of Science and Technology (Bashemurbiprobi) in Gopalganj has become an arena for drug addicts. The cafeteria was built to provide regular food to the students, but even after eight years of its establishment, its solution was not found. Ever since the classes started after last year's corona vacation, outsiders and some drug addicts of the campus have been using this place for drug consumption. On the surface, it can be seen that most of the day, the movement of drug addicts of different ages can be seen in front of the cafeteria building. Their reckless motor cycle riding and loud shouting has already created panic among the common students. Meanwhile, in 2014, under the development project of the university, the central cafeteria building was constructed but its activities have not started. Due to the shortage of accommodation for students, this two-story building has been used as a temporary residential hall for female students for a long time. Later, after the completion of the construction of the student hall, the students were shifted to the new residential hall. Later the building remained locked for a long time Later, the office of the University Teachers' Association was built on the second floor of the building, but as the office is closed at night, the place remains quite empty. Also, due to the lack of adequate lighting facilities in front of the building at night and the surrounding dense forest, it has become a suitable place for drug addicts to consume drugs. A student who did not wish to reveal his name said that while going to the hall, he often sees drug-addicted people coming out They take turns singing Sometimes even going to the street adjacent to the girls' hall, many people have fun It is sad that the important place of the university becomes the arena of drug addicts, it is also unsafe for the girls of the university. Another student said, "When drug addicts are intoxicated, there are never healthy brains." The university administration should take proper action before these mentally deranged people do any untoward incident. In this regard, the university proctor. Raziur Rahman said, we university administration is always alert in all the academic activities of the students in our university. We will take prompt action on the subject subject to proctorial body investigation. Director of Student Counseling and Guidance Department. Md. Sharafat Ali said, the issue of taking drugs is really sad. However, the matter needs to be looked into. If it is proved that whoever is doing this, the university administration will take legal action.

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