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What to do if you pull a leg vein?

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  • 21 July, 2022 23:53:35

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News Desk: The problem of tendon tension in the legs is common. If you lie down or while walking, the leg can be suddenly pulled. The toe may bend suddenly. At this time there is severe pain. That place also becomes hard. Massage slowly to normalize the area. Experts say that the tendency to stretch veins in the legs or waist is more for those who have body Dehydrated. This symptom occurs only when the amount of water in the body decreases. A number of other reasons can also cause vein tension problems. If there is a deficiency of calcium, magnesium, potassium in the body, excessive exercise, exertion, lack of essential minerals during pregnancy, if you lie down wrongly during sleep, vein tension can occur. Experts advise not to panic if the vein is pulled. Experts say that if the veins in the leg are stretched, massaging the affected area and around it will provide relief. Massage will soften the muscles. If the Thai muscles are tense, soften the area and put something firm on it. Keep it tight up to the waist. Also can use hot bag. Even if you bake ice, you will get relief. First give the hot bag a 10 second shake. Then ice pack for another 10 seconds. Now give another 10 second hot bag shake. The pain will decrease. Along with that, you should take enough rest. Experts say that by drinking enough water, you can get rid of the problem of vein tension. Drink canned water and lemon water. Bananas are the best source of potassium. It will maintain the functioning of the nervous system. Magnesium and calcium can be found in sweet potatoes. Which will supply magnesium, potassium to the body. Experts also said that it is important to check the electrolytes to see the salt deficiency in the body. If the age is less than 40 and the blood pressure is normal, 1 glass in the morning and 1 glass in the evening can be consumed with saline. Eating saline regularly for 7 days will cure vein tension problem.

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