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Wasim Akram does not want ODI cricket

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  • 21 July, 2022 23:45:49

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Sports Desk: ODI cricket emerged after Tests to spread the popularity of cricket across the world. But nowadays with the advent of T20, the attraction of ODI cricket is losing day by day. Therefore, the former legendary pacer of Pakistan Wasim Akram thinks that ODI should be excluded from the international cricket calendar. This pacer, one of the best pace bowlers of all time, said this in an interview recently. Akram said, I think ODIs should be dropped. England has packed stadiums. But in India, especially in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, the stadiums are not full of spectators to watch ODI cricket. They are doing it just to do it.' Where ODI cricket takes almost a whole day, T20 is over in just a few hours. So the cricketers are also leaning towards T20. As a result, the attraction before ODI is no more. Former captain of Pakistan, 'T20 is very easy. The game is over in four hours. A lot of money in different leagues around the world, I think it is an integral part of modern cricket. T20 or Test cricket. ODI cricket is dying. Playing ODI cricket is now tiring for a player. Ever since the start of T20, ODIs seem to be played throughout the day. That is why the players are focused on choosing the short format T20. Recently, England's star all-rounder Ben Stokes has retired from ODIs after not being able to cope with the busy schedule of three formats. Akram said about his retirement, "His retirement from ODI cricket is sad. But I agree with him. Even as a commentator, ODI cricket is a stretch now, especially after T20 comes in.'' Now it remains to be seen if the ICC, the governing body of cricket, listens to Akram and takes any action. If this proposal is implemented, there is no doubt that one day ODI cricket will become history.

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