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Anant will go to see 'Din-The Day' with 74 actors and actresses

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  • 17 July, 2022 23:09:57

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News desk: On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, the movie 'Din-The Day' with a budget of 100 crores was released in 115 theaters. Where Anant Jalil and Varsha played the central roles. Currently, they are running in different parts of the country for the promotion of this movie. Also, these two star couples are watching the movie with the audience and people related to the film. There is no shortage of campaigning on 'day-the-day' through social media. Actor Anant Jalil gave a status with a video on Sunday (July 17). Anant wrote there, “Assalamu Alaikum. We have invited 74 of our favorite artistes to watch our movie 'The day' at Jamuna Block Blaster tomorrow 18th July, 7 pm. All our legendary film actors and actresses will be there. From our respected Alamgir Saheb, Farooq Saheb, Sohail Rana Saheb, Elias Kanchan Saheb, Ujjal Saheb, Rubel Bhai, Ferdous Bhai, Riaz Bhai, Babita Apa, Rozina Apa, Sucharita Apa, Champa Apa to the beloved face of the new generation Siam Ahmed, I hope the Bangladesh film industry will go far with the hands of Arifin Shubo, Bappi, Eamon, Nirav and others. Me and Varsha will sit with everyone and watch the movie 'The day' Insha'Allah." The actor also said, “The sad thing is that Shakib Khan and two-three other artists are not in the country, if they were in the country then the movie would have been seen together with them. I can't express my gratitude to the audience. We are impressed by your love. In this way, we hope you will inspire us and Bengali films with love. Dear journalist brothers and sisters, you are all invited. InshaAllah see you all tomorrow at 7pm at Jamuna Block Blaster. thank you Ananta-Brusha

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