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5 causes of breast cancer in women

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  • 08 July, 2022 16:10:08

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News Desk: Cancer is a deadly disease. Recently, the number of cancer patients has been increasing. Any cancer in the body is fatal. Breast cancer is one of them. Breast cancer is terrible for both men and women. However, women are more affected by this disease. There are various reasons behind this. There are a number of reasons why women are more likely to get breast cancer. Pregnancy Experts say that if women get pregnant late, they are at risk of getting breast cancer. This is because of the excessive amount of estrogen hormone accumulated in the body of women during late pregnancy. Excess estrogen hormones are also secreted from the cells in the breast. This increases the chances of getting breast cancer. In this case, women are less likely to get breast cancer if they give birth to a child at the age of 30 or earlier. Breastfeeding is another cause of breast cancer. Very fast menopause-late menopause Various studies have shown that when a woman starts menstruating before the age of 12, she develops breast cancer. Late menopause is also a factor. Menopause increases women's risk of breast cancer. If the density of the breasts is high Women who have higher breast density also have more fibrous cells in their breasts. Having less fat in their breasts increases the risk. If the density of the breast is high, it is difficult to identify the cancer cells. In this case, even if the cancer has spread, it cannot be detected. Birth control pills Women take birth control pills. It regulates female hormones. Decreased normal functioning of hormones. Which increases the risk of breast cancer. Birth control pills should not be taken without expert advice. Uncontrolled lifestyle One of the causes of breast cancer is uncontrolled lifestyle. Women's health is affected by a variety of factors, including unhealthy eating habits, irregular sleep, and stress. Which can cause breast cancer. Healthy living is a prerequisite for a healthy body. So women have to adhere to a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

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