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Headache-eye jumping symptoms of corona!

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  • 06 July, 2022 22:07:05

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News Desk: Coronavirus is showing new symptoms all over the world. Corona infection is also increasing in the country now. Experts fear a third wave of corona. Emphasizing on compliance with hygiene rules. It is identified in various symptoms of corona. Among these, headaches and eye drops are also one of the symptoms, experts said. So far, different variants of corona virus have emerged. The symptoms have also changed with that. Mild to severe symptoms of the virus have been reported. The severity of these symptoms depends on the individual's immune system. Experts say patients with corona suffer from colds, coughs and shortness of breath. Recently, about 80 percent of people infected with the virus also suffer from headaches and blurred vision. Patients are more prone to conjunctivitis, pink eye infections, and blinking. Experts also say that coronavirus infections can cause eye strain, which can be caused by inflammation of the cranial nerves. It controls the power of the eyes. Sends messages to different parts of the brain including eyes, ears, nose. Which can cause small vibrations. Inflammation of the nerves has a detrimental effect on the eyes. It causes frequent eye strain and other nervous symptoms. Anxiety and screen time are also higher due to coronavirus. Experts say that itching of the eyes, redness, conjunctivitis, sensitivity to light, pain in the eyes or watering of the eyes may occur with eye jumping. This type of symptom needs to go into isolation. Experts also say that the corona virus can spread quickly through these eye symptoms. They said that if corona patients touch something without touching the eyes and disinfecting the hands, the virus will spread quickly. The virus infects a tissue called conjunctiva. Which protects the inner part of the eyelid. Virus infection disrupts the function of this tissue. According to experts, in case of headaches, eye tremors, seek medical advice immediately. Otherwise, the virus can reduce vision.

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