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Milana Momin’s new music video in public 

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  • 06 July, 2022 14:53:47

Photo: CNI

Entertainment Reporter: Vocalist Milana Momin. She is regularly publishing songs on her own YouTube channel. She released the new song 'Opekkhar Naam' on Sunday (July 3).

The lyrics are written by Lutfor Hasan. Amjad Hossain has arranged the melody and music. The music video is directed by Rakib Ahmed. The artist herself has become the model of the song.

Regarding the new original song, the artist said, "Opekkhar Naam" is my fourth original song. I have released the song on the occasion of Eid. Doing the song in a different atmosphere. Listeners to the song will find remnants of the old days. I shot the song in Cox's Bazar. The people concerned have done the job with great care.

I have four basic songs in my hand, Milana said of her plans for the future. These will be published continuously. I will cover all the popular songs as well. Besides, there is a desire for playback in dramas and movies. Listeners will also get movie songs if they match with the bat.

Earlier, Milana Momin released three original songs titled 'Moner Dorza', 'Haat Bariye Achi' and 'Bhishon Bhalo Lage'. Of these, 'Bhishon Bhalo Lage' was a duet song. Where Milan's co-artist was Shiekh Sadi. The artist has said that she will release a duet with Mahtim Shakib in the future.

Milana Momin has been singing since childhood. Participated in the ‘Notun Kuri’ competition. Her dream is to establish herself in music. Asked if she will be seen in acting, she said, I don't want to act at the moment. Although being a model in music. However, I may also act in the future.

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