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'A Midsummer Night's Dream'

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  • 05 July, 2022 22:34:13

Photo: CNI

JOB Correspondent: A Midsummer Night's Dream, written by European playwright William Shakespeare, has been staged at the Jagannath University (JUB) Drama Department. The two-day drama was staged at the central auditorium of the university on Friday and Saturday. Sanjeev Kumar Dey, Assistant Professor, Department of Drama, has directed the examination production for the students of the third semester of the third year. It is one of the most popular comedy dramas written by Shakespeare in the world. The play is based on the wedding of Thesis Duke of Athens and Queen Hippolita of the Amazon. The play depicts the adventures of two romantic couples and a group of hobby actors. The play stars Shafiqul, Arif, Moumita, Sabrina, Parma, Anamika, Mrittika, Brishti, Sabiha, Priya, Shakil, Nibir, Jinnah, Nafis, Milton, Riaz, Jannatul, Lamia, Swarna, Ummehani, Rimi, Bithi, Farzana. Sayla, Sujana, Ashraful, Uchhbas, Hridoy, Ibrahim, Alimul, Abesh and Elin. In the play, a young woman named Hermia wants to marry a young man named her father Demetrius. But Hermia loves Lysander. Licender and Hermia decide to run away and get married. But he leaked the decision. On the other hand, King Oberon and Queen Titania of the fairy kingdom got into an argument over an Indian boy. Auburn is angry at Queen Titania's words and plans to give the queen an appropriate answer. Oberon asks his attendant Pak to bring him a white flower. The essence of the flower that pours a drop in the eyes of a sleeping person wakes up and falls in love with whoever he sees. The workers have come to rehearse the drama in the forest. Pak had already magically turned Bottom's head into a donkey's head. Titania falls in love with the donkey-like bottom. Meanwhile, Licender wakes up and forgets about Hermia and falls in love with Helena. At the behest of the fairy king Oberon, Pak removed the illusion from everyone's sight. Eventually everyone became disillusioned. King Theseus and Queen Hippolyta attend the wedding and all together enjoy the drama of the labor party. Such a three-way love conflict creates a great humorous situation. Which is the main aspect of the play. The stage lighting of the play was planned by the poet Shams Shahriar, the chairman of the department. Departmental teacher Afrin Huda Tora supervised the dress planning and anatomy. Departmental teachers Rubaiya Jabin Priyota and Kripakana Talukder were in charge of the anatomy. Mahabubur Rahman was the projector of the play and Ibrahim Elin and Hossain Hridoy were the musicians. Students from different years of the department are also in the background. Anamika, Moumita, Shakil, Dina, Arif, Alim, Nibir, Shahinul, Jannatul, Sayla, Lamia, Milton and Mustakin were on the stage. Regarding the drama, director Sanjeev Kumar Dey said, drama production is going on in the syllabus. In its continuation, the ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ written by William Shakespeare, a production of the 2017-18 academic year of the Department of Joby Drama, has tried to add contemporary themes while maintaining the importance of classics in the production of this play. ‘Comedy’ simply exposes the inconsistencies of life to society through humor. Humor and love are the main themes of the drama. Love is a ridiculous thing without discipline. People who fall in love easily become different characters in life. He further said that every character of this drama should live in the midst of dreams. This is not the world, it is the wandering of a fairy kingdom seen in a dream. In the words of Bottom - ‘Love and reason can’t live together’, that is, the question that arises in the case of the coexistence of love and reason, the crew has tried to find the answer in this play. I am expressing the hope that the humor that the complexity of love creates in this critical life will cheer up the audience.

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