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30 soldiers killed in Nigeria rescue operation

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  • 04 July, 2022 09:19:50

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International Desk: Gunmen have attacked a mine in Nigeria's Shiroro area and abducted several people. The rescue squad wasn't called for him. At least 30 Nigerian soldiers were killed in the attack. Three sources confirmed to Reuters that the attack took place at the mine in Niger last week.

Security forces were deployed to rescue the miners, including four Chinese nationals abducted during Wednesday's attack, Reuters said.

Emanuel Umar, the state security commissioner for northwestern Niger, initially said an unknown number of people had been killed in the attack on the mine in the village of Ajta Aboki. Members of the security forces deployed to respond to the attack on the mine were later attacked by gunmen. Gunmen opened fire, killing 30 soldiers in three trucks.

"It's heartbreaking to lose our people for the sake of strength," an army officer at Shiroro told Reuters. Their death will weaken us, but we will not give up. ”

The Nigerian military has not readily acknowledged the casualties. However, they say that many troops have paid the highest price in the fierce battle at Shiroro.

A local leader told Reuters by phone that on Wednesday gunmen opened fire on several motorcycles and a truck, killing six policemen in charge of mine security. They kidnapped the Chinese workers. 6 civilians were also killed. It was not immediately clear whether ordinary people were miners.

He added that a senior official of the Nigerian Training and Doctrine Command in Minna was leading the search for the abducted workers.

Reuters contacted a Niger State Police spokesman about the matter. But he declined to comment.

President Muhammadu Buhari has called the gunmen "sadists" and vowed to find and punish them. "Shiroro will see justice," he said.

Last year, local officials expressed suspicion that Boko Haram militants were present in Shiroro, but it was not immediately clear who carried out the surprise attack on the mine and later on troops in the village of Ajata Aboki.

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