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Southern cinema has written its name on the Guinness Book of World Records

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  • 02 July, 2022 23:13:43

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Entertainment Desk: The triumph of the southern film industry does not seem to be stopping. Full-length movies or short-length successes are everywhere. Recently, a short film of Telugu film industry has been named in Guinness World Records. The short film 'Mansanmaha' has won the highest number of awards. According to this record book, the movie has won the highest number of 513 awards in the world. In an interview to an Indian media, the director spoke about his plans for the film. He said, "We are planning to turn this short film 'Mansanmaha' into a feature film. But it will be built on a larger scale. ” Surprisingly, the shooting of the film was completed in just five days. And its budget was only four and a half lakh rupees. Director Deepak shared a picture with a Guinness certificate on Twitter. There, many stars including Pushpa director Sukumar, Adivi Sesh have praised this short film and its crew. The young man, the protagonist of the film, describes his relationship with three different women. The girls of his life are similar to three different seasons monsoon, winter, spring. Biraj Ashwin, Drishti Chandra, Vali Raghabendra, Prithvi Sharma, Satya Verma, Deepak Burma and many others have acted in it. The Telugu language film is also dubbed in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and Kannada. Produced by Shilpa Ghazzala and directed by Deepak Reddy, the 18-minute romantic comedy 'Mansanmaha'.

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