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Lack of awareness about diabetes in Bangladesh

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  • 02 July, 2022 13:12:51

Photo: CNI

Salahuddin, Dinajpur: Specialist doctors say that the number of people suffering from diabetes in the country is one crore 30 lakh. The number of children with type 1 diabetes is 16 thousand. Besides, due to lack of awareness, 50 percent of the people do not know that they have diabetes. Due to this they suffer from various complications including heart disease without treatment. The average life expectancy is declining from 63 to 53. For diabetes, they emphasize weight loss, dietary changes and insulin intake. They gave this information at a workshop on diabetes organized at Tourism Metal in Dinajpur on Friday night. 150 doctors, media workers and 200 representatives took part in the scientific workshop organized by Diabetes Association in Dinajpur. Prof. Dr. Farooq Pathan, Director, Dhaka Bardem, and Rajershree Dev Sarkar, General Manager, NOVO Nordish, presented a presentation on Diabetes and Medical Care at the workshop. Advocate Abdul Latif, President of Dinajpur Diabetic Association, made so many presidents. The chief guest was the National Professor Prof. Dr. A. K. Azad Khan 6 Special guests were Civil Surgeon Dr Borhan-ul-Islam Siddiqui and M Abdur Rahim Medical Hospital Principal Prof Dr Mominul Haque and Dinajpur Diabetic Association General Secretary Shafiqul Hok Chutu among others. The negotiators said the government was considering providing free medical treatment to children with type 1 diabetes. Diabetes control insulin is also available in the market by taking it once a week and once a month instead of three times a day.

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