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There are no masks but there are thousands of excuses

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  • 30 June, 2022 21:50:09

Photo: CNI

Sanju Roy, Bogra: In Bogra, one person has died in the last 24 hours due to corona infection, which is about 4 months after the death of corona. Not only that, at the same time, Kovid-19 has been identified in the bodies of 6 more new people in the district. The deceased was identified as Mamtaz Uddin, 65, a resident of Shibganj upazila, who died at the Bogra Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College and Hospital. Meanwhile, a mobile court of Bogra district administration has taken to the field to prevent new corona infection. In the city, however, the number of ordinary people making excuses from mask users is more noticeable in mobile courts. On Thursday morning, a mobile court of the Bogra district administration conducted a campaign to ensure proper use of common people's masks to prevent corona infection in several important areas of the city, including Satmatha, Yakubia Junction and Jaleswaritala. While no one was fined in the court headed by Executive Magistrate Jannatul Naeem, ordinary pedestrians of different ages were warned to wear masks to prevent corona infection. In addition to making the people without masks aware in the campaign, masks have been provided to everyone on behalf of the district administration. Speaking to multiple people who roamed the city without masks during the expedition, they said they had been vaccinated against corona and had not worn the mask for a long time as the corona had no effect. However, since the corona is increasing again, they will wear the mask again. Most of the common people thanked the mobile court of the district administration for making them aware of its proper use with masks without imposing sudden fines on the campaign. Again, many people in Bogra have assumed that there is nothing left to say. That is why thousands of people are moving around the city in a smooth manner without any concern about hygiene without masks, which has become a cause of concern for the civil society. The district administration's mobile court on Thursday called on the people of the group to be strictly aware of their respective positions. Meanwhile, last Wednesday, under the overall direction of Bogra Deputy Commissioner Md. Ziaul Haque, the operation was conducted at various important points of the city under the leadership of the Executive Magistrate. Speaking to Executive Magistrate Jannatul Naeem, who heads the district court's mobile court in Bogra on Wednesday and Thursday, he said most people in the city were moving without masks. Many have made various excuses that they have left the mask or have not read it by mistake. However, a large part of the conscious people have taken the mask as a daily companion because not only is it a coronavirus but it has also relieved them from various problems caused by dust and allergies. Magistrate Naeem further said that the district administration has started work to raise awareness among the people about wearing masks. It will continue. Everyone needs to be more careful. You must wear a mask when you go out of the house. It is to be noted that in recent times, the rate of Kovid-19 infection has been increasing rapidly across the country. If there is, it provides six-point instructions, including quick testing and, above all, strict hygiene, which are directed to be implemented through an order signed by Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Mohammad Khorshed Alam Khan.

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