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Murder of a friend for a mobile phone in Bogra

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  • 28 June, 2022 21:18:30

Photo: CNI

Sanju Roy, Bogra: On his son's birthday, the father bought a smartphone worth Tk 16,000 for his beloved child. A 17-year-old friend killed him to get the mobile phone in his hand. After killing his friend, the killer spent Rs 5,000 with the woman. This information was given by District Superintendent of Police Sudip Kumar Chakraborty after unveiling the mystery of the murder case of Shajahanpur child Nawfel at a press briefing held at the meeting room of Bogra District Superintendent of Police office on Tuesday afternoon. At the press briefing, the superintendent of police said that his friend killed Nawfel, a seventh grader, for his mobile phone. They came to know about this after the arrest of Nawfel's friend on the charge of murder. He said the half-dead body of Nawfel Sheikh was recovered in the evening of June 20 in Darigachha Fulbaria area of ​​Shajahanpur in Bogra. He had been missing since June 18. Nawfel, 14, was the son of Israel Sheikh of the same area and a seventh-grader at Darigachha Islamic High School. After retrieving the body, a smart police team led by Shajahanpur Police Station Officer-in-Charge Abdullah Al Mamun under the supervision of Additional Superintendent of Police Ali Haider Chowdhury and Sadar Circle Sharafat Islam, under his direct direction, started investigating the case. The investigation revealed his friend's involvement. Later, on June 26, at around 1.30 pm, the police arrested the accused teenager from Tongi West Police Station area of ​​Dhaka. A young woman named Zakia Khatun Brishti has also been arrested for being involved in the incident. Zakia Khatun, 20, is a resident of Sherpur, Bogra. Regarding the details of the murder, District Superintendent of Police Sudip Chakraborty said that June 16 was Nawfel's birthday. On that day, his father Israel gifted a smartphone to his son at a cost of Rs 16,000. With that mobile phone, Nawfel went to a forest about two kilometers away from home with that close friend. Originally they used to smoke in this forest. At that time the accused teenager took a muffler with him as per the pre-plan. Going to the forest, this teenager told a story in the muffler's throat while smoking. But being a friend, Nawfel could not understand the reason for all this. At one point, Nawfel punched him in the neck with a muffler. Nawfel died after a while. He was later accused of hitting his head twice in a row with a bamboo stick. When death was confirmed, the friend dragged Nawfel's body into a bush about 15 yards away and disappeared. When the body was later recovered, the teenager escaped unnoticed. At the press briefing, SP Sudip further said that the motive of the accused teenager's mobile phone was for different reasons. He needed money for a physical relationship with one of his girlfriends. But the accused boy could not get the money from him quickly. This is why the teenager accused of murder chose this path. Police have also arrested the girl named Zakia Khatun Brishti on the pretext of selling her mobile phone. He said he met Zakia Khatun, a teenager accused of stealing Nawfel's mobile phone. Later, the two of them went to a shop in Satmatha of the city and sold the mobile phone for Tk 5,000. With the sale money, the two of them rented a room at Hotel Twin Brothers in Galapatti for Rs 2,000. Another friend of the teenager also came there and spent time with the girl. Later, the accused teenager left the girl with one and a half thousand rupees. The district police superintendent said the mobile was first recovered during the investigation. Based on that information, the police arrested the girl and later the accused teenager from Tongi. The muffler used in the murder has also been recovered from the place shown by the arrested teenager. Superintendent of Police Sudip Kumar Chakraborty said the arrested woman was currently in jail. The accused teenager has been sent to the court to give a confessional statement. At the press briefing, he appealed to parents and teachers through media personnel for emotional counseling of students. He said that these killings, which are caused by various fantasies among friends due to moral decay, are really painful and everyone should be aware of their own position to prevent them.

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