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Vehicles will run from Sunday

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  • 25 June, 2022 23:37:22

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News Desk: Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has inaugurated the country's largest communication infrastructure Padma Bridge. Through this, after overcoming long challenges and adversities, the door of Padma Bridge, a symbol of Bangladesh's glory, has opened in the heart of Padma. Although the bridge was inaugurated on Saturday (June 25), vehicles will run on it from Sunday (June 26). That is why the authorities have made all the preparations. Padma Bridge Project Director confirmed the matter. Shafiqul Islam said, “No vehicles will run on Saturday. It will be open for traffic from 8 am on Sunday. ” Shafiqul Islam said there could be a lot of traffic pressure on the first day. "Our toll plaza workers have been trained in the same way. Hopefully, they can handle the crowd. In addition, all kinds of preparations have been made for the maintenance and safety of the bridge. ” Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina held the door open to the south. The Prime Minister climbed the Padma Bridge from the Mawa end of Munshiganj at around 12:15 pm on Saturday. He is the first person to cross the Padma Bridge by toll. The Prime Minister inaugurated the Padma Bridge by unveiling the inaugural plaque and mural-1 of the Padma Bridge at the Mawa end. Later he went from the Mawa end to the Jajira end of Shariatpur over the Padma bridge. Jajira unveiled the inaugural plaque and mural-2 of the Padma Bridge at the end. There were 16 vehicles in the Prime Minister's convoy. The Prime Minister climbed the Padma Bridge with the toll of the entire fleet including his car. It is learned that the Prime Minister has paid a toll of Tk 18,400 on the Padma Bridge. He paid a toll of Tk 650 for his car. On Friday (June 24), the authorities inspected some public vehicles crossing the toll plaza at the Mawa end for the Padma Multipurpose Bridge toll plaza. The toll rate on the bridge has already been fixed. Toll will be Tk 1,400 on minibus, Tk 2,000 on medium bus and Tk 2,400 on big bus. The toll for small trucks is Tk 1,600, for medium trucks it is Tk 2,100 to Tk 2,600 and for large trucks it is Tk 5,500. Pickup toll is one thousand 200 rupees. The toll for cars and jeeps has been fixed at Tk 650 and for microbuses at Tk 1,300. If you want to cross the Padma bridge with a motorcycle, you have to pay 100 rupees.

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