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Ananta Jalil showed surprise with 'Din The Day'!

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  • 20 June, 2022 16:11:29

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Entertainment desk: Actor Anant Jalil's new movie 'Din The Day'. A couple of years ago a trailer was released. The audience laughs and rolls around. The film has been widely criticized for its poor editing and immature acting. However, Ananta Jalil said that the budget of the movie is 100 crore rupees. It is a joint production of Bangladesh and Iran. Directed by Iranian producer Mortaza Atash Zamzam. 'Din The Day' is going to be released on the Eid-ul-Adha. The final trailer of the movie has been released on this occasion. This time Ananta Jalil really surprised. Viewers-critics think it has become much more standard than the previous trailer. Ananta Jalil released the trailer on YouTube and social media on Sunday (June 19) night. The viewers are fascinated by watching the trailer of 3 minutes and 18 seconds. The people concerned have hit sixes in construction style, VFX and editing. However, the audience has regrets about the performance and dubbing of Ananta Jalil and his wife Barsha. If there were skilled actors in their place, the audience would think that the sixteen arts of the movie would be complete. In this movie, Ananta Jalil will be seen in the role of a smart police officer. Who went on a mighty mission at the international level for the country and the people. His wife Barsha is with him as the heroine. The film also stars Anantar Bandhu Sumon Farooq, Khal actor Misha Saudagar and many other artists from Bangladesh and Iran.

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