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Shiekh Sadi's first folk song released

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  • 16 June, 2022 18:53:44

Photo: CNI

Entertainment Reporter: For the first time, Shiekh Sadi, a vocalist of the generation, sang folk songs. Although he has won the hearts of the listeners long ago by singing different styles of songs like romantic, modern, separation, rock, rap. Recently, the young artist Shiekh Sadi has published the song titled 'Bondhur Achoron' on his YouTube.

The song has been published on the internet by making a visually pleasing video in the form of story, not just audio. The singer, who is known as 'Lalna', also said that the audience is getting a lot of praise from the released song. The audience comments, their hearts are touched. Some people say that listening to this song has moved the memories of past love days. Most viewers refer to it as a 'wonderful song'.

'Bondhur Achoron' is the 25th original song sung by Shiekh Sadi. He sang the most talked about song 'Lalna'. Later, he got acquainted with the music lovers of the younger generation by singing multiple cover and mashup songs including dari comma, sona bondhe.

Excited with the first folk song he sang, Shiekh Sadi said, "I is my first original folk song. This style of song represents our own culture. The song of the roots. Always try something new. I like the lyrics and the melody at once. It was a great experience with the voice of folk songs."

He said that he did the song thinking that listeners of all classes could easily connect themselves with this style of song.  He added,"I really enjoyed singing the song. I sang with pity from within. After the release, the audience is getting different praise. The compliments and constructive comments of various people have touched me deeply."

Shamran Ahmed Milon composed the lyrics and melody of the song and Biplob composed the music. Maria Shanto and Alvi were the models with Shiekh Sadi in the song. Sohail Raj directed the music video of the song in different locations of Srimangal.

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