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DSCC's talbahana in the construction of Jabir border wall, extensive damage

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  • 14 June, 2022 14:54:52

Photo: CNI

JOB Correspondent: A large part of the boundary wall of Jagannath University (JUB) and the houses of the officials and employees collapsed in the ditches of the workers of the contractor for the construction of Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) drain. Although the construction of the wall was supposed to start from the morning after the incident, the city corporation authorities did not take any effective action. However, the tin fence was immediately removed, but later it was removed for the convenience of the work. A large part of the wall and the houses of the employees collapsed on the afternoon of June 7 in a small ditch to make a drain near the boundary wall of Jagannath University adjacent to Shankharibazar Road in Old Dhaka. Although there were no casualties, the university staff was in dire straits. It can be seen on the ground that DSCC has started the work of constructing drains from the main gate of Jagannath University to Islampur via Shankharibazar. Although the main gate of the university and the part adjacent to the road were not damaged in the excavation, the boundary wall of the road towards Shankharibazar and part of the dormitory of the staff collapsed. When the wall collapsed, the houses of several employees of Tula University were demolished. Central Library book sorter Sadia Samad has suffered the most. His house's fridge, TV, computer, furniture fell into the drain and was destroyed. Also, more than half of the houses of other employees of the university were destroyed. As the wall completely collapsed, a large part of the interior slowly began to break down. As a result, the employees are not getting a place to live. Meanwhile, DSCC officials and people from the contracting company say that the work of constructing the walls will start after the completion of the drain work and installation of slabs. The condition of the walls was already shaky as it was very old. It is not possible to work without filling the soil. However, mud was found on the inside of the walls. University Proctor Professor. Mostafa Kamal said, I keep telling them to do the work on the wall. They don't care. I will say it again if necessary. Mohammad Parish, deputy assistant engineer at City Corporation, said work on the drain slab had been started today. When this work is done, I will start the work on the wall. Work on the walls cannot be started without strengthening the foundation. This will be done soon. In this regard, Ranjan Biswas, Councilor, Ward 36, Dhaka South City Corporation, said that the wall was built by Bangladesh Bank about 60-70 years ago. Later it became Jagannath College, now Jagannath University. The bricks under the side walls have eroded and become very shaky. When making a drain, it falls into a small hole. The walls will be filled with sand. I told him I wouldn't sign the bill paper unless I did the wall. Mohammad Kamal Hossain, the estate officer in charge of the university, said, "I am going to monitor regularly." They assured me that they would start building the walls as soon as the drain was finished. Their work is being delayed due to lack of manpower. Meanwhile, the contractor Sohail Mia said, "We have talked to the university authorities." We will build new walls very soon. Biplob, who is in charge of the drain work, said that the walls have to be filled with soil and leveled before it can be done. The work of construction of walls has to be started after finishing the work of drain slab.

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