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After 2 years, this time Nisho-Safa together

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  • 14 June, 2022 08:29:38

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Entertainment desk: Popular star Afran Nisho and Safa Kabir have tied the knot again in an upcoming Eid drama. They are sharing the screen together after two years through this drama. Shihab Shaheen has directed this play whose name has not been finalized. Mezbah Uddin Sumon and the producer himself have scripted the story of Shihab Shaheen.

The producer said that the work was completed through continuous shooting on Sunday. He said the name of the play has not been finalized yet. It's a rum-less story.

Safa Kabir said, ‘I took a little break in the middle, went out of the country to tour. I returned to the country after about 14 days. I started shooting again which made me a little scared this time as well as nervous. This is the work of Shihab Shaheen Vaiya who works with a proper shot; His co-star is Nisho Bhaiya. All in all, I was a little nervous.

I have worked with Nisho Vaiya before but still this time I felt a little nervous. However, we had a lot of fun shooting. How the scenes will be beautiful or good, how the expression will be perfect; He always helped a lot in these matters. I really enjoyed the whole shooting. '

Safar has done multiple works with Afran Nishor before. These include - the visitor, the victim, the brother wants to say something, at your touch, The Life of Jalil, today is the doll's birthday, etc. They last worked in the play 'Show Maker' in 2020. After that they were not seen together on the screen.

On the other hand, this is the second work of this actress with Shihab Shaheen. The first work of this couple will be in the campaign for the coming Eid. Tahsan is opposite Safa Kabir here.

Safa said he was going to Cox's Bazar on Tuesday for about a week. Kajal Arefin will return to Dhaka on June 19 after shooting for Amir's drama 'Goodbye'. After that he will take a break one day and take part in shooting of another drama the next day.

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