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The next delay fee in Corona was reduced by JB

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  • 11 June, 2022 20:12:32

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JOB Correspondent: Considering the Corona situation, a fine of Rs. Only those for whom delay fee is applicable will get this facility. Students who do not pay the admission and examination fees on time will have to pay a fine of three hundred rupees. Saturday (June 11) University Registrar Engineer. Ohiduzzaman reported the matter. A notification has also been issued in this regard, he said. According to the registrar, undergraduate (honors) and postgraduate students will be able to participate in the admission process by paying a fine of only Rs 300 till June 30, considering the humanitarian aspect of those for whom fines are applicable due to Corona situation. Ohiduzzaman further said that the rules of delay fee will remain in force as before from July 1. All concerned have been requested to take necessary steps in this regard. The delay fee for the first month after the scheduled time is 300 rupees. In the following months, a delay fee of Rs. In this regard, the University Vice-Chancellor Prof. Md. Imdadul Haque said that this is the reason why the students have to pay the fees on time. The cost of students' mobiles comes to a lot of money per month. And the semester fee has to be paid at the right time at the right time. Many students have to double or triple the delay fee to pay the semester fee. Indigent students of different departments of the university rejected the application of the Registrar for waiver of the fine and advised them to apply along with the Vice-Chancellor. The university administration fixes a minimum fee on the application of the students.

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