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Salman escaped from the gunman for a while!

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  • 11 June, 2022 01:38:21

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Entertainment desk: Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has received a shocking information about the death threat and assassination attempt. During the ongoing investigation into the murder of Sidhu Muswala, it has come to light that there was an attempt to assassinate the Bollywood nephew. The Times Network of India reported this. A police officer investigating the Sidhu Muswala murder may have come to know about the incident by accident. According to the official, a gunman was hired to kill Salman Khan. According to the official, Lawrence Vishnay, a suspect in Sidhu Muswala's murder, hired a sharpshooter to kill Salman Khan. He was given a low-bore firearm in a hockey stick case. Salman was instructed to take position outside the house. But luckily Salman was saved. Lawrence Vishnu and his associates can check Salman's movements and find out that he is cycling in the morning. It was planned that he would be shot dead at that time. But Salman was given a police accomplice when he left the house that morning. As a result, he survived for a while. Police have recently arrested a man for threatening to kill Bollywood star Salman Khan and his father Selim Khan. A Delhi Police source told the media that a man named Mahakal had been arrested for threatening Salman and his father with a letter. He has told the police a lot about sending threatening letters to Salman.

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