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Mithila's love rumors in Talipara

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  • 06 June, 2022 10:06:12

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Entertainment desk: Rafiat Rashid Mithila is a popular actress from Bangladesh and Kolkata. The artist is more concerned with his personal life than acting. Mithila's love has been rumored in Talipara again. Mithela is in love again. Again with another director from Kolkata. News about director Srijit Mukherjee's Ginni is now in Talipara.

He fell in love while doing the second season of 'Montu Pilot'. Again with the director of the series Debalaya Bhattacharya. The closeness between the director and the heroine increases with the shooting of 'Montu Pilot 2'. That's when the first news broke. And now the temple is breaking down because of that!

In response, Director Debalaya said, “I have come to the mountains with my wife and child. In personal life I am very happy. This time the matter has gone to a really ridiculous place. He knows the whole creation. ”

Didn't say anything created about the rumors of relationship with wife? Debalaya claims in reply, “I have talked about creation. We also took pictures for fun. If someone has something with them, then it is their personal matter. Why should it be practiced? I do not understand. Mithila and I developed a friendship on the set of 'Montu Pilot 2'. It doesn't matter what kind of person we are, me or Mithila. '

However, neither Srijit nor Mithila has opened his mouth about the matter yet.

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