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'Ziaur Rahman is not a real freedom fighter': Kamrul Islam

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  • 04 June, 2022 00:49:43

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Awami League presidium member Kamrul Islam has said that BNP founder Ziaur Rahman is not a real freedom fighter. He said, "Ziaur Rahman participated in the liberation war as an agent of ISI, Pakistan's intelligence agency. It is clear from the activities he carried out from the liberation war to 1975 that he participated in the liberation war as an agent of ISI. ” He made the remarks at a protest rally in front of the National Press Club on Friday (June 3rd). Referring to the BNP's movement-program, Kamrul Islam said, "The normal program that the BNP leaders and workers are trying to carry out is an exercise in their terrorist activities. Today they are chanting the slogan 'Rise once again with the tool of '75. Their characteristic is that they will gradually move towards terror in the old fashioned way. He is giving a rehearsal now. ” Referring to the birth of BNP in the ISI prescription, he said, "The party that was born in the army camp cannot believe in democracy under any circumstances, it cannot be in favor of democracy. This party will never believe in democracy. "

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