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Farewell reception for students in the marketing department of EB

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  • 24 May, 2022 22:12:30

Photo: CNI

EB Correspondent: Farewell reception has been given to the students of the first batch and postgraduate students of the Islamic University (EB) for the academic year 2019-2020. The farewell ceremony was held on Tuesday (May 24) at 12 noon in room 102 of the business administration building of the university. In the first part of the ceremony, the guests were first greeted with flowers. At this time, the founding president of the department, Professor. Zakaria Rahman was given a memento of honor. Afterwards the departing students were greeted with flowers and given mementos. Assistant Professor Shah Alam Kabir Pramanik, President of the Department of Marketing, was present as a special guest in the presidency of the founding President of the Department of Marketing, Prof. Dr. Zakaria Rahman, assistant professor of the department. Sadiqul Azad and Assistant Professor. Majedul Haque. Special guest and departmental teacher Assistant Professor gave a welcome speech on the occasion. Majedul Haque. At that time, he said, as teachers, we have always tried our best to give you something good. My personal wish is that you will be good people. It is not possible to create something good without good people. Just as a good student needs a good teacher, a good teacher needs a good student. One of them is deeply involved with the other. "Once you enter the job market, you have to set goals if you want to do something good there," he said. Nothing will happen if you float aimlessly. Prepare yourself for the job market with confidence. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Meanwhile, the special guest Assistant Professor. Sadiqul Azad said in his speech, in fact, after today, maybe you will not be met in that way. Today has been a frustrating day for us. Because by leaving our department as the first batch you will enter the job market. "Our expectation is that you will all do well," he added. Everyone will be established in their own field. At the same time, the name of the marketing department of the Islamic University will be spread across the country through intellectual labor and work. Special guest Professor. In his speech, Zakaria Rahman said, "I extend my heartfelt greetings and love from the bottom of my heart to all those who are attending today's event and those who are present here." During this time he shared his various developmental activities and memories of the department. At the same time, he gave instructive speeches for the departing students. Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Professor Shah Alam Kabir Pramanik, President of the Marketing Department, said, “You are the brand ambassador of the marketing department. You will inspire us as a result of the hope that you will flourish in different ways in the future. I believe that the students of the next batch of the department will learn from the way you have kept the honor of the department intact. There was spontaneous participation of marketing department in various national events including sports and cultural programs of the department and we always got you there. We have many sweet memories with you. Due to the sincere efforts of all the teachers in our department, we have been able to complete the educational activities of your batch in a relatively quick time. It is a source of comfort as well as joy for us. We thank all concerned for this. At this time he announced the formation of the department's alumni in a very short time. As well as the formation of the alumni department assistant professor. Majedul Haque convened the committee. Finally, the program ended with a pleasant cultural program with the participation of students from different academic years of the department. The entire program was conducted by Nishat Anjum and Akib, fourth year students of marketing department.

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