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Sohini threatens Prosenjit in the theater

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  • 24 May, 2022 19:37:03

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News Desk: Prosenjit Chatterjee (Bumbada) new movie "Aay Khuku Aay". It will be released on June 18. The trailer of the movie has already been released. But while showing the trailer in Kolkata's Star Theater, Prosenjit, who played the role of father in the movie, was threatened. It is learned that Tollywood actress Sohini Sengupta made this threat. He openly said, “This is Prosenjit Chatterjee! Eat and eat. If you don't talk too much, I will rub you! ”Hearing this, the talented actor was shocked. The people around are also shocked. Prosenjit was able to say such a big thing. Prosenjit, on the other hand, said, "It's great." The movie "Aay Khuku Aay" is directed by Shauvik Kundu and produced by Jit Productions. In this film, Prosenjit is acting as a hawker on a local train. His name in the picture is Nirmal Mandal. And Sohini is playing the role of a MLA. Her name in the picture is Putul Rani Bagchi.

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