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‘We are in the face of death’ is the cry of the Lankans

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  • 20 May, 2022 20:45:42

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News Desk: Extreme financial and political crisis in the grip of Besamala Sri Lanka. There has been an acute food crisis. The crisis is expected to escalate as production declines. Deficits amid the financial crisis have raised concerns among Sri Lankans. "We are dying now," they say. In April last year, President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa banned all chemical fertilizers in Sri Lanka. As a result of this decision, the yield of the crop is severely reduced. Although the government has lifted the ban. But the country has not yet imported significant fertilizers. "Fertilizer may not be available for this Yala (May-August) season," Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe told Reuters on Thursday. However, steps are being taken to ensure adequate stocks for the Maha (September-March) season. I sincerely urge everyone to accept the situation. " The BBC says defaults occur when a government fails to repay some or all of its debt. As a result, the reputation of any country can be damaged. It becomes difficult to borrow the necessary money from the international market. APD Sumnavati, a 60-year-old woman, sells fruits and vegetables in Colombo, the country's commercial capital. "We have no idea how difficult our lives have become," he told Reuters. I do not understand what the situation will be in the next two months. Business may have to stop. ” Lack of gas for cooking has become acute. Every day long queues can be seen in front of the shop selling cooking gas cylinders. The price per cylinder in the country in April was 2,065 rupees. At present the price has risen to 5 thousand rupees. Central Bank Governor P Nandalal Warasinghe said on Thursday that foreign exchange has been secured from World Bank loans and remittances for fuel and cooking gas shipments. However, the supply has not been normal yet. The governor warned that inflation in Sri Lanka had risen to 29.6 percent in April. Food prices have risen by 48.6 percent. Higher inflation rates could rise further. At present, inflation is around 30 percent. It will increase further. Inflation is expected to reach 40 percent in the next few months.

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