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China is building a military structure near the Arunachal border, the Indian military alleges

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  • 18 May, 2022 11:30:38

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International Desk: The Indian Army claims that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) has built a village near Arunachal Pradesh on the eastern border of India. India also claims that the village was built for military purposes.

Lungro La, Jimithang and Boom La are the areas where China has been most active in recent times. On the other hand, the Indian Army has also expanded its surveillance network in the area.

Lieutenant General RP Kalita, chief of the Indian Army's Eastern Command, told the media that China was building a lot of structures along the Arunachal border. Among them, villages have been built in the same way as the construction of airports and railways. Not only that, the Indian military alleges that China is building Five G network infrastructure in the region.

India alleges that the Chinese military is increasing its power across the border.

After the conflict in Ladakh in 2020, India-China relations came to a standstill. A number of Indian soldiers were killed in the Galwan clash between the two countries' armies. Several Chinese military officers were also killed. While the situation has improved somewhat, India is keeping a close eye on China's movements.

Regarding China's activities very close to Arunachal Pradesh, RP Kalita further said that India is not sitting idly by. They have also continued to build infrastructure in remote hilly areas. However, due to inaccessibility, it takes time to do that. Steps have been taken to speed up the work.

China has long claimed that Arunachal is not part of India.

RP Kalita said that the claims made by various sources at different times that China had infiltrated the Indian border were not correct. China could not enter Indian territory. He also said that India is ready to face any situation on the border.

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