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Maximum application for tickets for Argentina-Mexico match

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  • 16 May, 2022 14:46:25

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Sports Desk: Bangladesh Football Federation has received the highest number of applications for Qatar World Cup tickets for the Argentina-Mexico match. 110 people from Bangladesh want to enjoy this match directly in the stadium.

Although there were many applications for the Brazil match, the number of applications for Argentina-Mexico has surpassed all. BFF buys tickets from FIFA Those tickets sell out among football fans. In the light of FIFA's policy, the countries that did not play in the main round of the World Cup are allocated 200-250 tickets against the demand. BFF has not yet been confirmed by FIFA how many tickets it will get. More than 350 people have applied for tickets in BFF.

The BFF sub-committee on Qatar World Cup ticket distribution was sitting in a meeting. At that meeting, the applications submitted to the BFF Secretariat were reviewed. The applications received are divided into different criteria and an initial outline is given. These will be further analyzed in subsequent meetings.

The ticket distribution committee consists of four BFF vice-presidents and three members of the executive committee. Kazi Nabil Ahmed, one of the vice-presidents of BFF, is the convener of this committee. Kazi Nabil and Ilias Hossain have recently received the National Sports Award. At the meeting, President Kazi Salauddin Phulel on behalf of BFF congratulated them for the award.

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