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Ukraine is collecting bodies of Russian soldiers

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  • 15 May, 2022 15:23:30

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International Desk: Russia-Ukraine war breaks out in third month. Russian and Ukrainian forces are now fighting in many places. Many Ukrainian and Russian troops have been reported killed in the fighting, in addition to civilian casualties.

This time Ukraine has started collecting the bodies of the Russian soldiers killed in the war. News Reuters.

The bodies of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine are being brought to a railway yard outside Kiev and placed on a refrigerated train, the report said. The Ukrainian government will return the bodies of Russian soldiers to their relatives in their homeland.

Ukraine's chief civil and military communications officer, Volodymyr Liamjin, said most of the bodies were found in the Kiev region. Their bodies were also found in several other areas, including Chernihiv.

He added that refrigerated trains located in other regions across Ukraine are being used for the same purpose.

Although the exact extent of Russia's losses in the war in Ukraine is not known, the deaths of more Russian troops since the February 24 attack could be a source of embarrassment to President Vladimir Putin.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 after a month-long standoff with the United States. Many casualties have been reported in the country. Ukraine has also claimed to have found mass graves in several areas. As many as 6 million Ukrainians have fled the war-torn country. Putin's government has not stopped the war, despite repeated US sanctions.

On the other hand, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also refused to accept the rate.

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