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The market for garlic and eggs has risen in the capital, and the price of vegetables has also gone up

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  • 15 May, 2022 15:22:50

News Desk: The prices of essential food items have also gone up along with all kinds of vegetables in the market on the pretext of rains in the last few days. Among them, prices of garlic, eggs, papaya, tomatoes, carrots and green chillies have gone up. Garlic is being sold at 140 rupees per kg. Which was 110 rupees last week. Eggs are being sold for 120 rupees a dozen. Last week it was 105-106 rupees. Tomatoes are being sold at 60-70 rupees per kg. Good quality carrots are being sold at 150 rupees per kg.

This picture was seen while visiting Kaptan Bazar, Shanirakhra and Kajla Raw Bazaar of the capital on Sunday (May 15).

Ashraf Hossain, a vegetable seller in Kajla Raw Market, said that the prices of all vegetables have increased proportionately after Eid. Because the demand has increased as all the people come to Dhaka at the end of Eid holidays. Due to this the price of vegetables has also gone up. There is also an effect of continuous rain.

Khabir Uddin, a trader in Kaptan Bazar, said prices of all commodities have also gone up in the wholesale market. Garlic is being sold at a wholesale price of Tk 135 in the capital's Shyambazar.

It has been seen that tomatoes are being sold at 60-70 per kg. In the week following Eid, the price of tomato was 40 rupees per kg. Besides, the price of raw chilli has been increased to Rs 100 per kg. Sajon is selling at Rs 60, new kachumukhi at Rs 60, karla at Rs 60 and papaya at Rs 60 per kg. After Eid, the price of papaya was 40 rupees per kg. Patal, radish, barbati are being sold at Rs. 50, Dhends, Jhinga, Chichinga at Rs. Besides, onion is being sold at 40-45 rupees per kg. The price of onion was 30 rupees per kg before and after Eid.

On the other hand, sweet pumpkin is being sold at Rs 60, pumpkin at Rs 50, cauliflower at Rs 50, cabbage at Rs 40 and rice at Rs 40 per piece and raw banana at Rs 40 and lemon at Rs 20.

Sanwar Hossain, an employee who buys vegetables in Kaptan Bazar, expressed his anger and said, "What more can I say, brother." The price of all vegetables is high. Last week I bought 250 grams of raw chillies for 20 rupees. I bought it today for 30 rupees.

Another buyer, Sagir Uddin, said, "We don't know when the price of any vegetable goes up." We have to buy at the price that the shopkeepers say. The government should also monitor the raw market.

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