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Portugal, a European immigrant-friendly country

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  • 14 May, 2022 19:11:25

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Anwar H Khan FahimLisbon, Portugal: Many people from Africa and Latin America, including many countries in South Asia, enter various European countries legally and illegally for the purpose of safe living and permanent residence.  France, Spain, Italy and Portugal top the list of legal and illegal immigrants to Europe.  Most immigrants apply for asylum in France through various processes, including political asylum.  In that case they get some temporary benefits.  But later most of the lawsuits filed for asylum were rejected there.  Comparing those situations, it can be said that Portugal is the most immigrant friendly country among the countries that show generosity in granting citizenship to immigrants.

Every country in the world has to choose a means of livelihood.  Business or employment is the main means of livelihood.  Considering that the business needs enough money, very few immigrants get involved in the business.  Those who are now successful businessmen have started with jobs.  Because they have to wait a certain amount of time to understand their linguistic skills and the culture of the local citizens and the needs of their essential products and also to gain the legitimacy of living.
Immigrants who came to Europe in the hope of a better life also came to Portugal and tried to find various jobs in search of their livelihood.
Portugal has lower wages than other Shenzhen countries and, being a tourism-dependent country, does not have enough work except at certain times of the year.  The country has ample production of fruits, vegetables and agricultural products due to adequate sunlight, climatic conditions and inclement green climate.  Agricultural products are produced in many more areas including Algarve, Porto, Veja.  Many workers work on those farms, most of whom are Bangladeshi, Nepali, Indian and Pakistani.  In these workplaces, work is not always empty.  Big companies have jobs all year round, but most small companies don't have jobs all year round.  So the immigrants are facing a lot of problems.  There are also many complications in finding work in Portugal, the main reason being not knowing the language.  Most of the citizens of this country speak their own language.  So new immigrants face many problems.  However, at one time they became accustomed to the rules of this country.

Portugal is a country in southwestern Europe.  The location of Portugal across the long coast of the Atlantic Ocean.  Portugal in Europe is famous for its beautiful long beaches, so it is also called the land of the daughter of the sea.  The warm weather also caused a large influx of visitors to Portugal.  As fluent as Portugal is in terms of natural beauty, Portugal is also known as the paradise of immigrants in Europe.  While other European countries follow strict immigration policies, Portugal continues to legalize illegal immigrants on the easiest terms.
Anyone can legally apply for a passport and permanent citizenship after living in Portugal for five years, which is much more complicated in such a short time than in other European countries.
The Migrant Integration Policy Index 2020 presents Portugal as the third largest immigration-friendly country in the world.  Through their report, they have been presented with the analysis of 6 real agreed and logical parameters as the most important elements for the quality of human life.  MIPEX's report reviews all countries on five continents, ranking Portugal at number one among 52 countries.  Following the mandatory rules for some immigrants during their stay in Portugal, the simple process is completed so that anyone can take part in any work or start a job and if they want, they can start their own business and work in government offices.  There are no restrictions on you taking different types of training to develop professional standards.

There are several ways to apply to become a regular in Portugal.  Notable and very common among these is the process of applying to the Immigration Service if you wish to work in the country as a worker or employer.  You need to collect some necessary documents before applying.  These are: Certificate of entry into Portugal, NIF number, Social Security number, proof of address, work contract and police clearance of the person concerned in their own country.
Also, if someone has a health problem, if they have children in Portugal, if they marry a local citizen, they can apply to live here legally.  Last year the country passed a new citizenship law.  It states that "a person who has lived regularly or irregularly for more than a year, if a child is born, will be granted Portuguese citizenship at birth."
Asylum seekers can also apply for asylum in Portugal as refugees.
Many Bangladeshis live in Portugal, they are advancing their skills in various professions and a large portion of Bangladeshi immigrants are successfully running various businesses that are contributing to the Portuguese economy.  Due to the presence of Bangladesh Embassy in Portugal, various necessary and urgent tasks including embassy of Bangladeshi citizens are completed expeditiously.

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