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Find out the way to earn lakhs of rupees from YouTube

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  • 12 May, 2022 09:56:22

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News Desk: You have been making videos for a long time and putting them up on YouTube, but you are not able to earn any money. Because, your video has not been monetized yet. Way now? Let's find out how to monetize and earn lakhs of rupees from YouTube.

The best way to earn money online is to make money by creating content. YouTube is one of them. In this case, if you work according to the rules, monetization will match quickly. If the view is fixed, money will enter every month.

Determine the audience

Decide exactly which region of the video you want to show to viewers. Create videos on specific topics for the audience in that area. Upload them at regular intervals.

Choose the right topic-

Choose the right topic before making the video. Make videos on just that topic. This will give you a big advantage. That is, it will not be a problem to communicate with the audience. Work with different organizations on that specific topic. As a result, earning money is likely to be relatively high.

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